On the morning of June 30, 2023, the Information Technology Institute – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) organized the 2023 Annual Science and Technology Conference to promote academic exchanges between universities, research institutes and industrial companies.

Attending the conference, from VNU and its members, there were Dr. Vu Tuan Anh – Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department, Dr. Phung Danh Thang – Dean of the International Francophonie Institute, A/Professor Dr. Hoang Thi Minh Thao – Head of the Science and Technology Department, VNU University of Sciences. There were more than 50 scientists, technology experts, researchers, lecturers, PhD students in the field of information and communication technology from from technology corporations, universities, and research institutions.

On the side of the Information Technology Institute, there were A/Professor Dr. Tran Xuan Tu – Director, Deputy Directors, A/Professor Dr. Le Hoang Son, Dr. Le Quang Minh, and all staff of the Institute.

In the opening remarks at the conference, A/ Professor Dr. Tran Xuan Tu, Director of the Information Technology Institute emphasizes that the conference is an annual forum to those engaged in research, technology development, teaching and management in the field of information and communication technology of academic exchange, sharing of knowledge and experience, and seeking opportunities for cooperation in research, development and transfer of technology. The conference is also one of the activities in the series of events to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Government’s promulgation of the Decree establishing Vietnam National University, Hanoi. In particular, 2023 is also the focus year on science technology and innovation of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

A/Prof. Trần Xuân Tú, Director of the Information Technology Institute.

At the conference, experts from the Institute and invited guests enthusiastically exchanged and discussed pressing issues in the field of applied information technology. One of the reports entitled “Technology and Medicine: Solutions for Improving Quality of Life – Communication Support for Individuals with Motor Function Impairments” was presented by A/Professor Dr. Le Thanh Ha, the Head of the Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory at the VNU University of Engineering and Technology. The report introduced the BLife solution, which provides communication support for individuals with motor function impairments, facilitates computer interaction using eye movements, suggests spelling based on ET-BCI, and interacts with smart devices. The BLife solution has been granted a patent in Vietnam.

A/Prof. Lê Thanh Hà – Head of the Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory at the VNU-UET.

The report titled “Perspectives on the Research, Development, and Deployment Needs of New Technologies on the Digital Infrastructure in Vietnam” was presented by Dr. Le Ba Tan, Head of the Technical Department at Viettel Group.

Dr. Lê Bá Tân – Head of Technology Department, Viettel Group.

The report titled “Low-Power Internet of Things Network Solution” was presented by Dr. Bui Duy Hieu from the Smart Integrated Systems (SISLAB) research group, the Information Technology Institute. Since 2015, the research group has developed its first integrated circuit product called VENGME, which was manufactured using Global Foundry’s (USA) CMOS 130nm technology. Since then, the research group has continuously conducted research and development, leading to the creation of new products such as the lightweight security integrated circuit SNACk, the dual-channel amplifier IoTA, and the secure IoT platform named ADEN4IoT. Most recently, with the support of Google, the research group has introduced the VCO-based ADC integrated circuit using Skywater’s 130nm technology. This integrated circuit serves as the foundation for the low-power Internet of Things network solution. In the future, the group plans to develop artificial intelligence chip products for application in smart cities.

Dr. Bùi Duy Hiếu – SISLAB research group, VNU Information Technology Institute.

The report titled “Multi-view Clustering and Applications” presented by Dr. Pham Huy Thong from the Multimedia and Virtual Reality Technology Department at the Information Technology Institute opens up a new research direction in multi-view clustering. It also explores the application of multi-view clustering in various fields such as healthcare, transportation, social research, and beyond.

Dr. Phạm Huy Thông – the Multimedia and Virtual Reality Technology Department at the Information Technology Institute.

A/Prof. Lê Hoàng Sơn – Deputy Director of VNU-ITI.


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