Information security Division

Address: Room 610, House E3, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 37547347

TS. Lê Quang Minh


The Research Department of Information System Security under the Institute of Information Technology – Hanoi National University was established according to Decision 41-IT of the Director of the Institute of Information Technology on March 2, 2016. The Department has the function of conducting scientific research, development, technology transfer and application deployment in the field of information system security. The main research directions of the room include:

  • Policy on safety and security of information;
  • Information security for organizations and businesses;
  • Information security for IoT systems;
  • Cryptography and applications;
  • Improve performance and reliability of information security systems based on machine learning techniques and system redundancy.

Besides scientific activities, the Department also organizes training activities, fostering scientific and technological capacity for partners, students and PhD students. The Department has cooperated with a number of scientific and technological organizations as well as domestic and foreign enterprises such as:

  • Training and fostering awareness on Information system safety in the digital transformation period;
  • In-depth training, improving skills and knowledge for staff operating and deploying information security assurance systems for organizations and enterprises.


  1. Dr. Le Quang Minh – Head of Department
  2. Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet –
  3. Msc. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Han
  4. Nguyen Anh Chuyen – PhD student
  5. Bui Huu Phuc – PhD student
  6. Le Ngoc Thang – PhD student

Team of collaborators

  1. Dr. Vu Duc Thi – Institute of Information Technology, VNU
  2. TSKH. Modovyan – Russian Academy of Sciences
  3. Dr. Nguyen Hieu Minh – Government Cipher Department
  4. Dr. Nguyen Long Giang – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  5. Nguyen Hai Vinh – University of Science, VNU
  6. Trinh Le Nam – Netcom Company, Vietnam
  7. Truong Duc Luong – VSEC Company, Vietnam

Some outstanding science and technology projects

  1. Applying technology to ensure high level of security, network safety and information confidentiality to develop a set of LAN security solutions for state agencies and enterprises

The objectives of the study are: (1) Protecting information security in LANs of state agencies and businesses when accessing the Internet, based on Windows technology and having Linux servers; (2) Applying virtualization technology, open source software, mobile agents, secure protocols to allow access to LAN, secure Cloud computing network; (3) Utility applications ensure system-integrated information security. State-level project, under the program of high-tech products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The process of implementing the topic can be divided into specific work and products as follows:

Phase 1: Research and perfect technology. This is the theoretical research phase, conducted with 33 topics according to the objectives explained in the thesis outline. The research results of phase 1 are the basis for developing important product modules in phase 2.

During the implementation of the project, in the scope of phase 1, researching and perfecting technology, the project has carried out theoretical research and technology capture through 6 groups of work (33 topics) , then the research results will be used to build and develop software modules and functions, specifically as follows:

Group 1. Building an information security architecture suitable to Vietnam’s current conditions: includes 9 topics, results Included in this group of topics is a set of architectural guidelines to ensure quality standards, guidelines for LAN organization, equipment, security protection solutions, and operating instructions in accordance with international standards.

Group 2. Application of VCM12 technology to develop a set of LAN data protection solutions with Linux servers when accessing the Internet and working remotely : includes 5 topics, the results of this group of topics, the capture of technology solutions to propose for the development of VCM12 technology solutions on Linux platform. From that result at the software development stage, the project will design the software from these proposals.

Group 3. Developing essential applications for state agencies and businesses with high information security: includes 5 topics , the results of this thematic group are specifications for 5 essential applications, namely “public mail system”, “content management (CMS) for secure portals”, “sync data encryption between VLANs”, “secret document management” and “secure customer care system”. These essential applications were later developed into the software products (modules) of the solution suite.

Group 4. Open source application to develop technology products for detecting, combating and remediating penetration of Vietnamese-owned intranet: This group includes 5 topics, the result is the understanding of open source technologies and techniques to build the IDS/IPS function of the firewall system. From that result, at the software development stage, these two modules have been successfully built and integrated into the Firewall function.

Group 5. Building an integrated authentication and encryption toolkit for enterprises and government agencies: This group includes 5 topics, The result is mastering the technology of building encryption toolkits and integrating encryption services for the system. From these results, at the software development stage, we have successfully built modules that allow to encrypt and digitally sign the necessary content before sending or decrypting when received in the form of APIs for convenience. integration.

Group 6.  Application of open source mobile agent technology to develop network management technology: This group includes 4 topics and results What is achieved is the understanding of agent technology and the development of specifications for the LAN management module. From the results of this research, at the software development stage, software modules have been built to make it more convenient for LAN administration.

Phase 2: Research, develop product modules and integrate into a test system. Products of phase 2 are S&T products of type 1 according to registration and listed in the Products section of the Project. In addition, integrating these functions is the VAzur solution suite registered under the project’s type 2 product.

Phase 3: Developing, installing and deploying some products after completion. The product has been installed and tested at a number of units such as the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Information & Communications of Ho Chi Minh City. The implementation results show that the solution suite has met the requirements set forth, possibly a highly competitive commercial product.

  1. Developing intelligent IDS/IPS functions based on open source code and incorporating machine learning approach (National University-level project, on-going in the period 2022-2023)</ li>

The goal of this topic is to research and develop a complete intelligent IDS/IPS system model, based on machine learning using open source approach to improve detection, warning, and prevention capabilities. block and handle intrusions in firewall systems. Successfully integrated into the firewall systems in practice commonly used in Vietnam.

Some typical scientific works in the last 5 years

  • Nguyen, M.H., Moldovyan, D.N., Moldovyan, N.A., Minh LQ: Blind Signature Protocol Based on Hidden Discrete Logarithm Problem Set in a Commutative Algebra. Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci 46, 323–332 (2022).
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