On September 18, 2023, VNU Information Technology Institute (VNU-ITI) collaborated with VNU International Francophone Institute (VNU-IFI) to organize a seminar on “Scientific research opportunities for IFI’s students at VNU-ITI”. The event was attended the representatives between ITI and IFI and all master’s students in information technology, majoring in Smart Systems and Multimedia (SIM) at IFI.

In the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hoang Son, Vice-Director of the Information Technology Institute highly appreciated the dynamic, modern, and multicultural learning environment at IFI. Both ITI and IFI have extensive experience in training and scientific research, technology development related tothe field of information technology and communication, and have diverse cultural learning environment. The Information Technology Institute is a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, with the mission with researching and developing science and technology, linked to innovation. Currently, VNU-ITI has 5 research labs, 1 joint AIoT lab with VNU-International School (VNU-IS), and 2 strong research groups. VNU-ITI’s staff are very dynamic and be good at scientific research ability, with an average of 2.1 ISI/SCOPUS papers per member a year. In addition to basic research, ITI also has 3 products which can be transferred and commercialized, related to digital transformation, smart education (EduNet), and smart healthcare (VNU Diagnosis). Collaborating with IFI in traininginternational postgraduate is fit with the strengths of the two units, demonstrating national responsibility and aspirations for scientific research and innovation at VNU.

Sharing this opinion, Dr. Cu Kim Long, a member of the “Artificial Intelligence Research Center” of the Information Technology Institute, also believes that collaboration in scientific research and training will help IFI’s students have the opportunity to experience research through major research programs of the Information Technology Institute related to multimedia intelligence, knowledge graphs, blockchain technology, circuit design, etc. In particular, the IFI’s postgraduate students will have the opportunity to visit technology lab tours at The Information Technology Institute, participating in the research process from basic research to technology development along the lines of research product and experience the working culture and people of VNU in the spirit of One VNU.

Also in the discussion, Dr. Luong Thi Hong Lan, representative of the strong research group “Artificial Intelligence Research Center” of The Information Technology Institute presented research topics being processing at VNU-ITI, such as video classification, human activity recognition (HAR), and image/short video captioning. These are all interesting topics, keeping up with the current trends in the field of information technology. Students can choose these topics and a number of related topics whenthey participate in internships at VNU-ITI. Besides, they can also further develop into their master’s thesis.

Sharing research experiences at the Information Technology Institute, researcher Michael Omar believes that the guidance and modern research orientation are prerequisites for students to complete their thesis. Mr. Michael Omar also shared his experience working in the research group of Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Hoang Son and emphasized his dedication to research and experience culture and life in Vietnam and at VNU.

Speaking in response, Mr. Ho Tuong Vinh – International Francophone Institute thanked the delegation from the Information Technology Institute and expressed to exchange IFI’s students for research internships as soon as possible. International students expressed enthusiasm for the learning and working opportunities at the Information Technology Institute. Moreover, they were also and livelyand interested in discussion with the speakers. This expresses their desire to study and work at ITI labs in the near future.

Some other pictures in the seminar